drawing in class

I enjoyed my first studio class… a classmate brought this amazing piece of ‘brick’ to the class and we spent 3 hours drawing different angles of it using different media…

I started with my trusty fountain pen (the middle drawing), drawing pretty much what i see from where I was sitting. Then I went to get a graphite stick and tried it for the first time (the drawings on the left). I did a blind contour drawing (upper left) and a few studies from different positions. I really love how the graphite sticks work, the lines can be so sensitive and expressive, and it is cable of creating lots of different texture. The only thing I didn’t like is I need to fix it with fixative or it’d smear. I also tried a white board marker (upper right) and ended up with a drawing with lots of straight lines and a graphic look. I’ve also done a few other studies with pastels (chalk pastel, oil pastel, dry pastel) but don’t really like how they turned out. All of these were done on my A4 size sketchbook, but we need to do a final larger piece based on the studies we’ve done, so I went for the graphite sticks again and did a drawing on the most interesting part of the brick (lower right). We were supposed to create something new on the final piece, but I seem to have problems going abstract and my final piece is still quite representational.brick

drawing a brick from different angles



Faber-Castell Jumbo Magic Pens

I bought this for S$3.5 and quite like it. The colors are bright, and the best thing is you can make both thin and thick lines with it, by holding the pen at different angle.. The only problem is, like most other marker pens, the color will bleed through the paper easily, so you need a thicker paper to draw on.

12 Jumbo Magic Pen Marker
12 Jumbo Magic Pens Marker
Tiong Bahru drawing using Jumbo Magic Pens Marker
Tiong Bahru drawing using Jumbo Magic Pens Marker

hot lemon tea

First drawing of 2009 at Delifrance cafe. Color markers on moleskine.

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