Website Update

I’ve been ignoring my web page for too long. I’m planning to revamp the site, will make time to work on it this month! Thank you for your patience. In the meantime, please visit my Instagram and Facebook page where I continue to post artworks :)

October update

It’s been awhile since my last update. Well, a lot had happened… and we finally moved to a new city/ place in early October. For the  past few weeks, we have been busy unpacking/ settling down/ explore the neighborhood.

Art wise, I’m hoping to do more art videos in the future and have been trying to figure out how to take better videos with my phone.

I’ve just uploaded a video of me painting Tommy the Cat. A lot can be improved and hope to find a better set up soon. In the meantime, please enjoy the video and subscribe if you like it :)


A late update on my ACEO project – I managed to finish a total of 54 ACEOs in March! I was experimenting with different papers and different art materials. It was fun just to paint whatever I feel like whenever I feel like, but after doing that randomly for the past 3 months, I think I need to be a little more focus and working on some series instead of making a lot of individual pieces… and I need some time to think what I’d like to focus on…it’s hard to decide……

ACEOs by April Y
ACEOs by April Y

Pameran Poskad 2015

Thanks to the encouragements of my friends, I’ve decided to join this year’s Pameran Poskad 2015, a postcard show that features works from artists around the world. This year, a total of 502 artists are included, and more than 5000 postcards are on the show and for sales! 

I’ve created this “Girl & Cat” series for the show, featuring Tommy the Cat secretly in all of them 😝 (actually I found myself painting Tommy whenever I’m painting a cat!) It was fun trying to create a series of work based on the same theme, and the postcard size is just perfect for me as I enjoyed working small 😊 . Come check these out this weekend if you happen to be in Singapore! 

“Girl & Cat” series by April Yip

Exhibition Dates: 20th – 22nd November 2015

Venue: Gillman Barracks Blk 7 #01-13 Lock Road

Exhibition Hours: 12 noon to 7 pm


I just came back from Hong Kong but I already want to go back again! :D Managed to do quite a few things, including visiting the Studio Ghibli layout designs exhibition (It was awesome!!). Also joined Sketch Hong Kong for a culture and heritage sketchwalk around Causeway Bay. I did more than 30 sketches during the trip, most were done while eating or waiting for food :)

HK sketches 2014
HK sketches 2014




Malaysia Trip

Went to KL and Seremban for a short trip last month. We arrived at the Larkin bus terminal around 2:30pm on that day, and bought tickets for the 3pm bus to KL. However, the bus didn’t take off until almost 4:45pm!! It seems that there were too few people on the bus so they keep delaying while trying to get more people to get on the bus… They even pretend to count the number of people on the bus and took our tickets so that we cannot get off the bus or get refund! How ridiculous…. I drew the bus terminal building and the bus next to us while waiting…

Larkin Bus Terminal
Larkin Bus Terminal

Drawing on the road… only managed 1 page…too tired and irritated after waiting for 2 hours…

on the road to KL
on the road to KL

Delicious Thai dinner in KL the next day

Khun Thai
Khun Thai

Sketching around Seremban old town for an afternoon…


On the bus from Seremban to JB, there was only an Indian lady other than us. We were relieved that the bus took off on time, only to find out later that we were happy too early – the driver didn’t take the usual route to highway right after leaving Seremban, instead he took some weird route and we ended up at Rembau! Funny thing is, the Indian lady was originally from Rembau, and her family drove her all the way from Rembau to Seremban in early morning so that she can take the bus to JB! As there were no one at Rembau, the driver took us to Tampin, where he was able to pick up 1x passengers finally. Buses in Malaysia are just too unpredictable… Draw this at the Tampin bus terminal.


Book illustration:《觀城記--做個有情有義的香港人》

Earlier in June, I was busy working on 20+ illustrations for this book called《觀城記--做個有情有義的香港人》, written by 天航 and published by {格子盒作室 | gezi workstation}. The book is now published and is available at the HK Book Fair; it should be available at book stores such as The Commercial Press after the book fair too.

It was an interesting experience to work on this project. I spent quite a lot of time on research, especially when drawing the landmark places and the celebrities. The drawing style is quite different from my usual style, as I found myself drawing more carefully and I tried to attend to more details. Usually, I don’t even made pencil sketches for my ink drawings and my ink drawing by itself would look kind of incomplete without adding color. However, while working on this book, I found myself not only drawing pencil sketches, I kept making changes to some tiny details. As I was told that only a few drawings might be printed in color, and I didn’t know which one will get picked, I had to draw them all as if they will only be printed in black and white first. It was a good experience to challenge myself to try something different and I’m happy about how it turned out.

As I was rushing for the last few drawings, Singapore was affected by the most horrible haze in history. It was so bad that I can smell the smoke once I got out of the bedroom, which has air conditioning. I tried working on my work table but I just couldn’t stand the nasty smell and had to retreat back to my bedroom. The following is one of the drawings that I drew on my bed instead of proper drawing table. I think I had drawn more than 100 motorbikes including the drafts…

Taipei Motorbikes
Taipei Motorbikes

Thanks to the editor of the book, Ah Ding, who is also a good friend of mine, for inviting me to join this project; and to the author of the book, 天航, who kindly agree to use my illustrations. It is a really amazing feeling to see a book with my illustrations published, it made me smile just to think about it. :)

SketchWalk ChaoPhraya

The highlight of Feburary is my first ever oversea sketch trip with the UrbanSketchers Singapore members at Bangkok, Thailand. It was a 2-day event organized by the Bangkok sketchers as part of the community festival that celebrate a heredity area next to the Chao Phraya River. I am impressed by the hospitality and the organization of the BKK sketchers. I enjoyed the experience very much and would sure be back to BKK!

from SG to BKK
from SG to BKK
Sketching at IBIS Riverside
Wat Prayura Pagoda
24 Feb 2013 afternoon session at Bang Luang Mosque
Dinner at SIAM paragon foodcourt
from BKK to SG

Little Blue Bird and the Magic Feather

Little Blue Bird and The Magic Feather is a story about a little young bird who loves to sing, but is very shy and anxious to sing in front of others. The story is written for pre- school children of age 3 to 5. I wrote this last month as part of my course assignment..

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