Pameran Poskad 2015

Thanks to the encouragements of my friends, I’ve decided to join this year’s Pameran Poskad 2015, a postcard show that features works from artists around the world. This year, a total of 502 artists are included, and more than 5000 postcards are on the show and for sales! 

I’ve created this “Girl & Cat” series for the show, featuring Tommy the Cat secretly in all of them 😝 (actually I found myself painting Tommy whenever I’m painting a cat!) It was fun trying to create a series of work based on the same theme, and the postcard size is just perfect for me as I enjoyed working small 😊 . Come check these out this weekend if you happen to be in Singapore! 

“Girl & Cat” series by April Yip

Exhibition Dates: 20th – 22nd November 2015

Venue: Gillman Barracks Blk 7 #01-13 Lock Road

Exhibition Hours: 12 noon to 7 pm

Copyrighted Image (c) April Yip, Leafbear Studio