my w.h.y book

I printed my w.h.y book…. it’s a hard cover 4*4 book with 80 pages, it looks really nice.. :D the quality of both the paper and the print are really good!! I wish I’m rich, then I can order many copies and give them to all of my friends…. :P

4 thoughts on “my w.h.y book

  1. Anonymous

    I wonder if it sold in China mainland. Your painting is sooo cute!! I love it.

    a friend from China



  2. ksklein

    Don´t you think they would pay at least the production price to have it?
    I would. So in case you print another one, I would love to pay you for the production price and the shipping. (I hope it is not too expensive! ;) )

    I think it is very special to have this kind of art piece, so whenever I can afford it, I´d like to have it. (Let me know.)

    Just recently an artist I really like and have been reading the blog regularly, drew a portrait from one of my pics. It is so lovely, but I just can´t afford it. :( At least not at the moment.

    So for myself I would consider it as an option to give away my art for the production price, as long as I do not have to make a living from my art.

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