sketchcrawl – Lamma Island

I went to Lamma Island with a few friends on the 11th April for a hiking/sketching/photo trip. We had brunch at the ‘Bookworm cafe’ first..

then we hiked to the Lamma Winds – a wind turbine in Tai Ling, Lamma Island… we spent some time taking photos there.. after that, we went to the beach and just sat there and sketched till it’s about time to go home…

it’s the first time we went sketchcrawl… and it’s fun :) i did 20 sketches…

see larger photos here

2 thoughts on “sketchcrawl – Lamma Island

  1. why

    i had watercolor w/ me.. but i only managed to color 2 of the sketches.. the rest, i added colors later at home :P

  2. Dusik

    that’s pretty cool! i like the watercolors too.. did you bring them with you? or colored after?

Copyrighted Image (c) April Yip, Leafbear Studio