EDM #38 – month long challenge until end of November 2005 – draw at a museum

I’ve been wanting to do this for a loong time.. and I’ve been meaning to go to the Bata Shoe Museum since last summer… and I finally dragged myself there yesterday. My original plan was just to see The Charm of Rococo, but I found the Summoning Animal one very interesting too. and I also spent some time in the Chronicles of Riches.

I managed to do some sketches after the battery of my DC died. It feels pretty weird that I was trying to draw the displays using paper and pen when everyone else is using a digital camera. I also felt that they are trying to peek at my sketchbook and see my drawings while I draw. So I decided to draw those displays that are more ‘isolated’, but people would still come and see what I’m doing, and I just try to smile at them. A lady actually tried to raise her kids to show them I’m drawing. I felt a little pressure to draw in front of people and can’t really do some detail sketches. When I was trying to finish a quick sketch for the last drawing, a young girl who stood beside me said to me “You draw nice”. This made me smile and ended my Museum challenge of the day. :)

Wish I have chance to do it again some day. Here’re three pages that I managed to sketch in about an hour:

Copyrighted Image (c) April Yip, Leafbear Studio