We went to Orchard Road on Sunday and it was SO SO SO crowded. There was even a big crowd at the entrance of an underpass and people need to line up to get in! It’s that crazy! !  It was about dinner time when we were at Takashimaya, so we went to the food court to look for food. Needless to say, there were lineups everywhere  and no free table at the food court at all. We decided to go somewhere for dinner, and we found this little cafe called PiqueNique on our way out. It has some interesting decorations – large tins of milk bottles were hanging on the walls. We were seated at the middle of a long table as this is the only available spot left, and there was a cute glass bottle on the table, with a paper tag in it. The letters ‘LTM’ were printed on the tag. I drew these sketches while waiting for my food – ‘big breakfast cheese burgers with fries’, which costs $12 before tax/service charge.

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July 19, 2011

Copyrighted Image (c) Leafbear Studio