We need to pick up a guest at the Woodlands train station two weeks ago so we went there for the first time, but it was a horrible experience. First, we waited more than 30 minutes for the bus. Then, we got caught in a traffic jam and the bus moved very slowly, it took us more than 75 minutes to get to Woodlands. The worst part is, we did not get off the bus at the right station because a lot of people got on the bus at Kranji and totally blocked our view/way. Before we knew, we were already at the Immigration Tower where we were asked to show our passports! Of course we did not have passports with us, as we had no intention of going across the border and just want to go to the train station. But there is no way out from there, and we had to ask the security guard/immigration officer for help. Finally, we had to hand in our IDs to the officers there, and wait for an armed guard/officer to escort us through the tower. We waited for around 30 minutes before an officer came. We were then took to a room where we had to wait again for our IDs to be checked. I cannot believe what we had gone through! It was well passed 7pm when we finally get to the train station, when we were supposed to be there at 5:30. We decided to take a cab back after picking up our guest, and it only took us around 25 min to be back in town.

The sketch below was done after I sent the guest back to the train station last week.

Woodlands Train Checkpoint
Woodlands Train Checkpoint
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