Girls in the Universe

When I thought that April was a tough month, May is even worse… and I can’t imagine what June’d be like…

Well, at least I’ve continued to make art…

I’ve decided to be more focused when working on the ACEO projects, and tried to work with some themes. I’ve worked on is the “Girls in the Universe” series (shown above). I had fun randomly applying colors onto the paper, and then worked out the details using negative painting techniques.

I also did a series of abstract work using the Holbein Acryla Gouache and modelling paste… but I found that the colors I got all have very similar values and its hard to get a large enough contrast…not satisfied with the results.

Abstract ACEOs

Abstract ACEOs

I’ve also decided to join many other artists on instagram for the #the100dayproject from 19 April to 27 July. I’ve been painting cats using the Acryla Gouache so that I can explore the medium more… you can search this hashtag #100daysofgouachecats on instagram for my work.


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I haven’t been able to do much in May, except for the #100daysofgouachecats project. Still, I’m about a week behind and need to catch up.

I didn’t do any ACEOs in May :( I think I need some time to rethink about my goals…Hope I have better news to share in the next update.

Copyrighted Image (c) April Yip, Leafbear Studio